This is for the Mothers, Caregivers and hardworking women everywhere! We designed our Build-A-Earring© Kits to be a form of self care for YOU. Whether it's solo or in the company of good friends, we believe that the tactile function of assembling jewelry will soothe you. It also includes a killer playlist of music to assist in the shift of atmosphere.

For many of you, this will be the first time you have ever put jewelry together. Some of you dabble, and others are professional DIY-ers. We have created two options that supply your needs regardless to where you fall in the spectrum.

Welcome to self care that you can wear.

  • Essentials Kit

    If it is your first time making earrings, this kit includes everything that you'll need to complete your chosen kit. It includes everything in the 'Earring Kit' plus our Tool Box:

    -Hand Drill

    -Needle nose pliers

    -Mini Cutting Mat

    -Jump Ring Closer

    -Super Glue

  • Earring (Only) Kit

    This Kit is for returning customers or DIY-ers that already have jewelry tools. It includes the following:

    -Earring Pieces

    -Jump Rings

    -Earring Post

    -Rubber Earring back


    Select the from the collection of earring designs. Then select a Beginners Kit or an Earring (Only) Kit. Both provide you with what you need to assemble your earring.


    All kits include FREE shipping! You will receive your box in 3-5 business days, after our 48 hour fulfillment.


    Set the mood by scanning the offered QR code for access to multiple playlist. Then enjoy! Earrings typically take 1 to 2 hours to complete.